Wrist Bridal Gloves - Sheer

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Sheer wrist bridal gloves are a delightful addition for brides, bridal party, wedding guests, proms and other formal events. The full fingered sheer gloves with its’ beautiful seam work adds class to any ensemble.

The wrist bridal gloves are available in sheer in choice of white or ivory.

Product Details:
Colors: white or ivory
Embellishment: none
Length: wrist
Material: sheer
Sizes: one size

When it comes to bridal gloves, there are many things to consider such as length and style, as well as glove etiquette. Below are some helpful tips for wearing gloves:

Bridal Glove Tips:
- Longer lengths are worn with strapless, straps, or short sleeves.
- Shorter lengths are worn with 3/4 length or long sleeves.
- May be kept on during receiving line or shaking hands.
- Neutral colors - white, ivory, beige, etc - are most often worn.
- Black gloves are worn with black, dark or bright colors.
- Colored gloves are worn with complimenting colors.