Script Monogram Unity Candle

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Let the Script Monogram Unity Candle be the romantic, focal point you light aflame in front of all your family and friends at your wedding ceremony.  This symbolic unity candle will easily brighten up your ceremony with warmth and love. Because it is accented in one of today's hottest wedding colors and customized with your names and wedding date, every bride and groom can take this time honored tradition to a whole new level of trend!

The Script Monogram Unity Candle may be personalized with two names and a wedding date in black ink with your choice of accent color.

Monogram Unity Candle Details:

- Dimensions: 9 Tall, 3 Diameter
- Colors: available in white or ivory
- Burn: smokeless and dripless
- Features: personalized with your names and date in your choice of color

Pair the Script Monogram Unity Candle with one of our unity candle holders for a complete look at the altar. Unity candles are used at the wedding ceremony to symbolize the uniting of two individuals or families. It is lit by the bride and groom using two taper candles to form one flame.

Add Tapers?:

Plain Tapers are available (additional fee). It is standard to have the bride and groom use a taper to light their unity pillar candle. Many couples opt to include their parents, priest or children within their unity candle ceremony. Each person should have their own taper candle.