Script Letter Cake Topper - Black

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Letter Cake Tops in various font styles are a popular and affordable choice for many couples. We love this black script acrylic letter for its dramatic appeal! Looks beautiful poised 6” atop a white or any colored cake. Black food safe stake(s) allow the letter to sit securely on your cake.

These cake top letters are available in one size. Each letter is sold separately. To purchase, select a letter, click add to cart and repeat for each letter needed.

Product Details:
- Letter Height: 6”
- Letter Width: Varies by letter
- Embellishments: none
- Material: Acrylic
- Color: Black
- Alternate Color: White
- Alternate Fonts: Sans Serif (font Arial) or Serif (font Times New Roman)

When it comes to letter cake tops, there are many options, including:

Single Initial Topper
Select a single letter to represent the last name that will be taken (typically groom’s last name initial).

Initials Topper
Join your first name initials with an ampersand.