Love Letter & Wine Box Ceremony Set

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This Love Letter & Wine Box Ceremony Set is a unique and romantic ceremony set. The love letter exchange will enhance your wedding and serve as a lasting reminder of the commitments made to one another. The couples heartfelt letters to one another and favorite bottle of wine are locked away to be revealed years on a selected anniversary. A beautiful way to celebrate your love for one another. 

Tip:Open the box on a milestone anniversary, such as the 5th, 10th or any other significant event. Once you unlock the love letter ceremony box and enjoy the contents, write new letters, replace the wine and lock away for the next special occasion.

Wine Box Ceremony Set Includes: 
 - (1) Walnut Veneer Wine Box with Lock
 - (1) Pair Wine Goblets (each etched with I Do or I Do Too)
 - (1) Exclusive Stationery for the couple
 - (1) Example Ceremony Wording and Instructions 
 - (2) Keys and signature tag 
 - Note: Wine not included.

Love Letter Ceremony Details:
Details: a walnut veneer wine box with a lock, one pair of wine goblets, stationery for the couple, example ceremony wording and instructions
 - Personalization: add up to three lines of text to the wine box, which will be centered at the bottom of the box

Love Letter Ceremony Guideline:
1. Before your wedding day, each of you should prepare a letter to your partner. You may use the suggestions and practice sheets provided in the set. Once you prepare the final version of your love letter, seal it in the enclosed envelope. Do not share the letter until that special anniversary or event!

2. You may then present the completed and sealed love letters to your officiant. Plan with your officiant the readings and special comments that will accompany the ceremonial sealing of the box. Be sure that the special sentiments that are at the heart of this ceremony are explained to your guests. Locked inside will be your personally selected bottle of wine (not included), the two goblets and the sealed love letters. Consider also including flower petals, a small vile of sand or any other personal mementos that will fit inside the box. Together with your officiant and witnessed by your guests, perform the ceremonial Locking of the Box. This will symbolize the commitment your are making to each other from this day forward.

3. After the wedding, display the Love Letter Ceremony Box in your home. Store the key in a safe place so that you can unlock and enjoy the contents on your special day.