Love Arrows Sand Ceremony Mason Jar Set

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Love Arrows Sand Ceremony Mason Jar Set is a unique alternative to the unity candle lighting ceremony. This rustic unity sand ceremony set is etched with a crisscrossing arrow and the word LOVE. This sand ceremony set is perfect for a rustic themed wedding.

Mason Jar Sand Set Includes: 
- (1) Large Mason Jar: 7, holds 32 oz
- (2) Small Mason Jar: 5.25, each holds 16 oz

Rustic Sand Ceremony Details:
- Color: clear/glass
- Details: large center jar is etched with LOVE and arrows logo, beveled tops
- Material: glass
- Personalization: none available

Popular Additions:(sold separately)
- Colored Wedding Sand
- Mason Jar Lids
- Additional Side Mason Jars

How the Unity Sand Ceremony Works:
1) Typically, the Groom starts by pouring a portion of colored sand into the central vase.
2) The Bride then pours a portion of a different color sand into the central vase, creating a layered effect.
3) To complete the ceremony, the couple then simultaneously pours the balance of their sand into the central vase.