Heart Shaped Unity Sand Ceremony Set

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Heart Shaped Unity Sand Ceremony Set is the perfect way to celebrate the joining of two lives and is a great unity candle alternative. Each of the three side vases feature a heart shaped opening; the center vase is shaped in a heart with a glass stopper and sits atop a metal stand to showcase your love for one another. This heart sand ceremony set includes 2 large side vases for pouring; as well as a third smaller vase that may be used to incorporate your priest, child or shared spiritual beliefs. This is our most popular and 'loved' sand set!

Heart Shaped Unity Sand Ceremony Set Includes:
- (1) heart vase with glass stopper: 7 (h), holds 48 oz
- (1) metal stand: 4.5 (h)
- (2) large heart cut vases: 9.75 (h), each holds 24 oz
- (1) small heart cut vase: 8.5 (h), holds 16 oz

Heart Sand Ceremony Set Details:
- Details: glass stopper to keep sand secure
- Material: clear glass; alloy metal (stand)
- Personalization: etched monogram and numeric date on center heart; etched single initial on side vases

What is a Monogram:
A traditional monogram is created with the bride's first name initial, the couple's last name initial and the groom's first name initial. (ie: Emily & Steve Jones monogram would be: EJS). The center initial is slightly larger.

Popular Additions:(sold separately)
- Colored Wedding Sand
- Additional Heart Shaped Side Vases

How the Sand Ceremony Works:

1) Typically, the Groom starts by pouring a portion of colored sand into the central vase.
2) The Bride then pours a portion of a different color sand into the central vase, creating a layered effect.
3) To complete the ceremony, the couple then simultaneously pours the balance of their sand into the central vase.
4) Following the wedding, the two outside vases can be used to display fresh flowers while the central vase will remain a cherished keepsake of the wedding day.

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