Groom's Suit Wedding Hanger

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This Groom's Suit Wedding Hanger will help capture an amazing photo of the groom's tux or wedding suit. This groom hanger is also perfect for hanging your wedding attire both before and after the wedding! The wording is centered on the hanger so that you can still read it is when your garment hangs from it.

Groom Hanger Details: 
 - Colors: White, Natural (Black is no longer available)
 - Styles: Groom with Scroll Design, Groom without Scroll Design
 - Material: Wood with metal hook
 - Alternative Styles: Wedding Party Hangers (sold separately) 

These wedding hangers are made from wood and are available in White, or Natural, (Black is no longer available). Groom is engraved directly into the wood, therefore there may be a slight color variation depending on the grain of the wood. Available with or without the scroll design.