Floating Black Initial Cake Topper

Item #:WE-9867-10-A
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Black Initial Cake Topperwill make a statement on the top of your cake. The acrylic cake topper features the decorative font Harrington. The beautiful initial is glued onto a clear acrylic oval that makes the letter appear as though it is floating! Decorative black flourishes surround the initial for a whimsical feel. Each letter has a clear food safe stake that allows the letter to sit securely atop your cake.

The letter cake topper is available in one size. Only one letter is needed to complete this topper!

Product Details:
- Height: 8 1/3
- Width: 5 3/5
- Length/Thickness: 1/4
- Embellishments: none
- Material: Acrylic Plastic
- Color: Black
- Alternative Color: White

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Initial Topper
If opting for one single initial, choose a stylish large initial like this Floating Black initial topper. The initial represents the last name that will be taken (typically groom’s last name initial).