Fingerless Opera Gloves - Satin

Item #:FD-GL-212V-16S-Black
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Satin Fingerless Opera Gloves adds shimmer! Satin, known for its smooth and glossy look, is all this glove has to offer – no details, just simple and elegant shimmer and beauty. A white satin ribbon is sewn to create a loop to slip your middle finger through – allowing your fingers to be accessible for your wedding ceremony or to utilize.

The fingerless opera gloves extend above the elbow and up towards your shoulder. Perfect for strapless, straps or off the shoulder gowns and dresses.

Product Details:
Colors: black, diamond white, ivory, light blue, lilac, pink,  silver, white
Embellishment: none
Length: opera/shoulder
Material: satin
Sizes: one size
Alternate style: Matte Satin Fingerless

Opera Glove Tips:
Below are some helpful tips for wearing opera gloves:

- Neutral colors - white, ivory, beige, etc - are most often worn.
- Black gloves are worn with black, dark or bright colors.
- Colored gloves are worn with complimenting colors.
- Over the elbow and opera gloves are best worn with strapless, straps, or short sleeves.
- Wear when shaking hands, dancing, etc. Only remove when eating.
- To put on: start with fingers up to wrist, then smooth up arm. Do not pull.
- To take off: push upper arm of glove to wrist, then with ease pull off hand and fingers.