Elsa Matte Sequin Wedding Memory Book

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The Elsa Matte Sequin Wedding Memory Book allows you to record all your special wedding memories on its elegantly embossed pages. Having a memory book is a long standing wedding tradition for couples. It serves as a wonderful keepsake where you can store all the important moments leading up to the wedding and beautifully document the details of your wedding day. Your one of kind customized keepsake can be pass down to future generations to enjoy.

Memory Book Details: 
- Cover: 9.5 x 11.5
- Pages: 8.5 x 11, 33 embossed pages
- Colors: Blush, Mint, Silver, or Gold
- Binding: 3 Ring Gold Binder
- Embellishment: matte sequin mesh
- Coordinating Pen: Elsa Matte Wedding Pen

Elsa Matte Sequin Memory Book is an elegant way to incorporate some glamour into your wedding. This memory book is covered in a beautiful matte sequin mesh, allowing the ivory satin underneath to show through. The simple design is timeless and elegant. Available in your choice of 4 colors.

Color Samples:
If you're not sure what color you'd like, please email us at info@theweddingoutlet.com, and we will mail you a sample. In your email please include your name, mailing address and color choices. Color samples will be sent via USPS.

Each page is elegantly embossed with a floral border and scrolled titles. The brass three ring binder allows for easy removal or adding of pages to create a wedding memory book that suits your needs. 

Memory Book Pages (listed in order): 
 - Wedding Memories : title page, one sided
 - The Proposal : blank page, no lines, one sided
 - The Engagement : blank page, no lines, one sided
 - Bride’s Family : fill in format. ie: Mother, Father, etc. no lines, one sided 
 - Groom’s Family : fill in format. ie: Mother, Father, etc. no lines, one sided 
 - Pattern Selections : fill in format. ie: China, Crystal, Silver, one sided 
 - Shower : 3 columns: Guests, Gifts, Acknowledged, 17 lined rows, 2 pages,                         double sided (holds 68 signatures)
 - Parties : blank page, no lines, 2 pages, double sided
 - Invitation: attach your invitation, blank page, no lines, one sided
 - Bride’s Attire : blank page, no lines, one sided
 - Groom’s Attire :  blank page, no lines, one sided
 - Bride’s Attendants: fill in format. ie: Bridesmaid etc., one sided 
 - Groom’s Attendants: fill in format. ie: Groomsmen, etc., one sided 
 - Attendants’ Attire: blank page, no lines, one sided
 - Rehearsal :  blank page, no lines, one sided
 - Wedding Ceremony : fill in format. ie: Date, Time etc, one sided
 - Wedding Vows: 3 sections: Vows, Music, Flowers. no lines, one sided
 - Reception: blank page, no lines, one sided
 - Guests : 2 columns: Names & Sentiments, 19 lined rows, 6 pages, double                          sided (holds 228 signatures)
 - Gifts : 3 columns: Gift, Given by, Acknowledged, 20 lined rows, 4 pages,                             double sided 
 - Our Honeymoon: blank page, no lines, one sided
 - Our First Home:  blank page, no lines, one sided

Looking for more pages? Refill pages are also available.