Custom Anchor Sand Ceremony Mason Jar Set

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Anchor Sand Ceremony Mason Jar Set is a unique alternative to the unity candle lighting ceremony. This unique mason jar set is personalized with Mr. & Mrs. plus the couple's last name and a nautical anchor on the center mason jar and Mr. on one side vase, Mrs. on the other jar. This sand ceremony set is perfect for a nautical or beach themed wedding.

Rustic Sand Ceremony Set Includes:
- (1) Large Mason Jar: 7, holds 32 oz
- (2) Small Mason Jar: 5.25, each holds 16 oz

Anchor Sand Ceremony Mason Jar Set:
- Details: large center jar is etched with Mr and Mrs joined by an anchor; side vases are etched with Mr on one; Mrs on the other
- Material: glass
- Personalization: etched name on center jar

Popular Additions:(sold separately)
- Colored Wedding Sand
- Mason Jar Lids
- Additional Side Mason Jars

How the Sand Ceremony Works:

1) Typically, the Groom starts by pouring a portion of colored sand into the central vase.
2) The Bride then pours a portion of a different color sand into the central vase, creating a layered effect.
3) To complete the ceremony, the couple then simultaneously pours the balance of their sand into the central vase.
4) Following the wedding, the two outside vases can be used to display fresh flowers while the central vase will remain a cherished keepsake of the wedding day.

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