Colored Floating Candles

Item #:WE-4020-08
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These Colored Floating Candles add a decorative touch and a pop of color to your wedding. You can incorporate these colorful floating candles into your ceremony candle holder or memorial vase or wedding centerpieces. Choose from a wide range of colors to complement your theme or color scheme.

Floating Candles Details:  
 - Size: 2 1/4 (d)
 - Burn Times: approx six hours
 - Includes: Package of 6 floating candles
 - Colors: Yellow, Lime Juice, Chocolate, Fuchsia, Ivory, Periwinkle, White

Popular Uses: (sold separately)
 - Floating Unity Candle Holder
 - Memorial Vase or Holder
 - Wedding Centerpiece & Table Decor