Cherry Blossom Ring Bearer Pillow

Item #:WE-8693
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The Cherry Blossom Ring Bearer Pillow is such a romantic pillow for your wedding ceremony.  It's artfully silk-screened with sweeping cherry blossom branches. The precious wedding bands will be discreetly accommodated in the miniature pocket meticulously sewn to the front surface and signed with the Asian character meaning Love.

Ring Bearer Pillow Details:
- Dimensions: 8 x 8
- Colors: Available in white only
- Features:  Linen pillow embellished with cherry blossom design

Typically decoy rings are carried down the aisle by the ring bearer. However, if you're confident the little guy in your wedding is capable of carrying the rings, this pillow features a miniature pocket for the rings and a band/slip across the back to make it easier to carry it down the aisle.