Cell Phone Fanatic Groom Figurine

Item #:WE-8512-Custom-Black
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If the groom can never put his phone away, and always seems to be talking on his phone, this Cell Phone Fanatic Groom Figurinewill be the perfect cake topper for him.

Custom Cake Topper Details: 
 - Custom Hair: Gold Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Lt Brown, Dk Brown, Black, Red, Gray. 
 - Skin Tone: Light only
 - Figurines: Groom only
 - Dimensions: 1 3/4 (L) x 5 3/4 (H), Base: 3 3/4
 - Material: Made from hand-painted porcelain.
 - Pictured with Cell Phone Bride Figurine (sold separately)

Hair colors options are the only customizable option available for cake toppers. Special requests for custom skin tones, designs and special features are not available. 

Hair Color Personalization Details: 
Custom hair colors are hand-painted over the cake tops original hair colors. As a result, hair colors may not be an exact match to hair color options or your hair color. Cake tops are hand-painted creating a one of a kind custom piece, therefore cannot be returned.

Note: Item is available as a Last Chance item, and therefore cannot be returned.