Message In A Bottle Time Capsule Guest Book

Item #:WE-9446
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This Message In A Bottle Time Capsule Guest Book is a very unique alternative to the wedding guest book. The brilliant glass bottle serves as a unique vessel for the signature scroll and includes a natural cork and glass stopper.

With its luxurious nautical design, the scroll is able to accommodate up to 100 of your guests' signatures. (Consider using as a unique well wisher capsule too).  Upon completion, the scroll is to be returned to the interior of the bottle for safe keeping. The result is a decorative and sentimental keepsake that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Product Details
- Color:  Clear
- Scroll Dimensions: 23 3/8 L x 8 1/4 W
- Bottle Dimensions:  Bottle: 14.5'' H and 3 1/2'' at the widest, including topper
- Features:  Clear bottle, natural cork, glass stopper, nautical design
- Materials:  Glass
- Weight:  4 lbs.