Silver Monogram Cake Top Letters

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Monogram cake toppers are a great way to combine your names and show them off atop your wedding cake! Each script letter is silver plated with a matte finish. Two sizes of rhinestones embellish each letter. A great addition to cakes, floral arrangements or other décor. Each letter has 1-2 white food safe stakes that allows the letter to sit securely atop your cake or inserted into other items.

The silver cake top letters are available in small or large; ampersand is small only. Each letter is sold separately. To purchase, select a letter, click add to cart and repeat for each letter needed.

Product Details:
- Large Letter Height: 4.5”
- Large Letter Width: varies by letter
- Small Letter Height: 2.5”
- Small Letter Width: varies by letter
- Pick Height: approx 1.5-1.75”
- Embellishments: rhinestones
- Material: plastic

When it comes to letter cake tops, there are many options, including:

Initial Topper
Select a single large letter to represent the last name that will be taken (typically groom’s last name initial). 

Initials Topper
Select letters for each of your first name initials, then join by ampersand (&).

Monogram Topper
Select two small letters and one large letter. A couple's monogram is created with the bride's first name initial, the couple's last name initial and the groom's first name initial. The center last name initial in a monogram is larger than the two first name initials.

Sample monogram:
Married Name: Mary & Dave Jones
Monogram: MJD